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Out Desire [18/12] @ Mouv’ Club - Sausheim (68)

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(Publié par Nicolas | Mise à jour le 17 décembre 2015)
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Soirée le 18 décembre 2015 à Sausheim à partir de 23h.



Line up


Sprout of the soundscapes. "Essential, the sound cocktails should raise fruitful on the hotbed of the electro culture", so the poetical formulated endeavor of the beat missioner - Steve Cole.

When Steve Cole is announced, the crowd covet admission to see and hear his tunes. It is devotedly accepted, that Steve Cole offers them a diet of dubbing tech-house and minimal spiced techno-tunes. He doses this dedicatedly without using a crowbar so that his sounds rains down on the dancing crowd.

In 1979 Swiss born reject to be a fare dodger, also proofs his exceptional finger
acrobatics when mixing his sound and imprints an event his individual stamp. It’s no wonder that for almost 8 years his own produced compositions are fringing his musical path. His mother doesn’t regret of buying her sons first vinyl disk 17 years ago. Inspired by "kraftwerk", Steve Cole attempted his first public show in 1995. It shows quickly - life under the disco sphere is exciting and many gigs all over Europe followed.

In 2009 he founded „Schallbox Records“ where several well-known artists like Florian Meindl, Pascal Feos, Martin Eyerer, Andreas Henneberg, Tigerskin, Sweet n Candy, Monoroom, Animal Trainer and youANDme have done some remixes. The promising Swiss belongs to the techno-Beat-scene, just like the grooves of a vinyl disk.

Horaires : 23h à 6h
Tarif : 10€ / Friendlist (entrée 6€ jusqu’à 00h sur liste, disponible en indiquant votre nom + prénom par message privé sur la page de US Music
Infos :

Lieu de la soirée :
10 rue des Cévennes, 68390
Sausheim, Alsace, France